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Free 50 Mbps service from Hyperoptic for eligible households

The winter lockdown has prompted another broadband provider to offer a free service to eligible households, the aim in this case is to help ensure that children will be able to access online lesson material and participate in online classes.

Hyperoptic is offering a free 50 Mbps download service (5 Mbps upload) that is free with no obligation to continue service after the free period ends on 31st August 2021. There are some eligibility criteria which are:

1.???????????You must be living in a?Hyperoptic-connected local authority property?

2.???????????A minimum of one school age child (under 18) living in the property??

3.???????????You currently either have no fixed broadband in the home or you have an existing package that isn’t reliable (e.g. an ADSL connection, or an FTTC package with download speeds of 30Mbps or less)

There are some 37 local authorities where Hyperoptic is supplying broadband to local authority housing, and while some may need the Ethernet socket installed in their flat/property this is free. In flats where the Hyperoptic socket is already present then all that should need dropping off is the free router.

Hyperoptic has always been passionate about giving back to the communities it serves. During the last lockdown, we donated IT equipment towards programmes for children who didn’t have hardware to access education resources.

With the recent news that so many children do not have access to basic connectivity, we knew we had to go further. Every child deserves to be able to virtually learn and harness the opportunities that are enabled by connectivity. We hope others in the industry join us in providing free connectivity to families that need most.

Liam McAvoy, Senior Director of Business Development, Hyperoptic

For those reading these and want to take up the offer, you need to contact your local authority who will supply a promo code, which can be redeemed when calling Hyperoptic on 0333 332 1111.

While it is good that a number of broadband providers are offering free broadband or social tariffs at this time, there is a much wider issue around how families hit hardest by the measures being used to curb the spread of COVID-19 can afford to feed the family, keep homes warm and also afford broadband good enough for home schooling. For millions of us the price difference between a basic ADSL2+ service at around £20/m and the entry level partial or full fibre products at £25 to £30 is trivial, but there are lots of people struggling or who have found themselves out of work for the first time in many years.


I have not had a lot good to say about Hyperoptic in the past - more hype than optics, however this is a most generous gesture and should be applauded.

  • rmclayton
  • 7 days ago

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