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Virgin Media cable broadband rolling out in East Grinstead

The Virgin Media Project Lightning roll-out continues with East Grinstead being one of the latest new towns where we have seen live customers and therefore added the live postcodes to our checker and maps.

Clearly we are expecting the roll-out to cover more of the town and with the town also part of the Openreach FTTP roll-out too some residents may soon have two ultrafast broadband options.

The roll-out in East Grinstead as with other brand new Virgin Media areas is using RFOG, which is FTTP i.e. fibre right until the Virgin Media box on the outside of the property and then a very short piece of coax through the wall to the set top box/cable modem.


VM coverage in Weston-super-Mare needs updating on the map. They appear to have stopped, missing out many areas, maybe because Cityfibre start tomorrow.

  • Somerset
  • 8 days ago

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