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More full fibre in Devon via Gigaclear

Gigaclear is now available to a few more properties in Devon as another 20 postcodes with FTTP coverage have been found and added onto our maps.

Gigaclear was not the only FTTP provider to see additions to our checkers on Monday, there was also Openreach, Virgin Media, Hyperoptic and CityFibre. While a great deal of the FTTP found is overlaying superfast networks using commercial funding, we are spotting a decent amount in slow areas too. The gap to 97% superfast coverage is closing quickly after a long period of being fairly static with the over 24 Mbps coverage standing at 96.955% or expressed in property numbers is another 15,000 superfast properties need to be found.


Well GIGACLEAR were due to install full fibre in HOLCOMBE-EX7 0JZ in Quarter 1 or Quarter 2 in either 2019,OR earlier. IT NEVER HAPPENED. Both the scheme and the installers collectively have a poor success rate and a major waste of taxpers money in their many,many,failed contracts.
The whole process,including our funding of new build fibre connections is a geographical scandal.
The government contracts,for example,connect 35 new builds in Holcombe-EX7 0JZ and completely ignore 600 existing residents and further insult being no date whatsoever to their 5-10+ mbps fttc connections. PUBLIC WASTE!

  • michael-scott
  • 5 days ago

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