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Zen Internet launches symmetric FTTP service in Newcastle

The Zen Internet Full Fibre 900 Plus service is now available in parts of Newcastle and at £40/m and with free activation (usually £29.99) should have a fairly broad appeal. The service is symmetric which means that for homes with several people online the usual activities of any one person is unlikely to impact on say someone enjoying a bit of online gaming.

The service is built on top of the £62 million infrastructure build by CityFibre and we understand the footprint should be around 12,000 premises at this time and this will grow substationally in the coming months and years.

I couldn’t be more excited about bringing a market-leading gigabit-speed service to my home city and have been chomping at the bit to bring the power of Zen’s customer experience here. This new strategic partnership with CityFibre will really power Newcastle’s digital transformation to world player something that is only possible if consumers and businesses have access to really fast, high quality broadband. With today’s technological advancements and what is going to be a permanent change to working habits you can now participate anywhere in the world right here from Newcastle. With the advent of full fibre infrastructure to the city big changes are on the horizon because now we can be truly geared up digitally as a powerful Gigabit City.

Newcastle-born, Paul Stobart, CEO, Zen Internet

For people keen to order visit

At this point in time we don't know where the network is live in Newcastle and with the Ipswich and Leicester scheduled to go live next month we will get the footprint added alongside our existing Worthing coverage and update our API and listings to show when the Full Fibre 900 Plus service is available.


£40 a month is a bloody good price for 900/900. lets hope it kicks others to match it( are you listening bt)

  • threelegs
  • 6 days ago

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