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Barratt commits to FTTP on all new developments

Barratt Developments is set to offer a trinity of FTTP infrastructures on new build developments with full fibre from Openreach, Virgin Media and Hyperoptic.?

By delivering three different infrastructures the choice for new residents is impressive particularly as the Openreach FTTP network has lots of retailers via the wholesale options. The list of 18 ISP mentioned by Barratt is?BT, Virgin Media, Hyperoptic, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, EE, Zen, Andrews and Arnold, Aquiss, Cerberus, Fibre Net, Giganet, Orbital Net, Pine Media, Spectrum, Structured, Syscomm and Uno. In reality as the Openreach FTTP services are sold by more retail ISP the list of options will grow.

Giving people a choice is important as different households will have different needs and budgets, it also allows people to mix and match e.g. have Virgin Media for the cable TV packages, Hyperoptic for the household use and one of the more SME focussed ISP over the Openreach FTTP with things like static IP for business use. Potentially this means a house can enjoy between 2.4 Gbps and 2.9 Gbps of downstream connectivity depending on whether in a Virgin Media Gig1 area or just a DOCSIS 3.0 area.

Like Openreach, Barratt understands the huge benefits of full fibre to both buyers and builders alike and the importance of ensuring everybody moving into a new build property can enjoy the advantages of this future proof technology.

As the digital revolution continues at an ever increasing pace, and our demand for data grows, we need to make sure this country stays ahead of the curve by building fast, reliable networks that cater for all the activities we’ll want to do online in the decades ahead. This has never been more important as we look to help the UK’s economy bounce back more quickly from the Covid-19 pandemic. And there’s strong evidence that points to full fibre broadband being able to turbo-charge that process. I hope other housebuilders will now follow Barratt’s lead in making full fibre mandatory across their own developments.

Kim Mears OBE, MD Strategic Infrastructure Development at Openreach

This innovative and exciting partnership between Virgin Media and Barratt Homes will mean that new homeowners will have access to the UK’s fastest widely available broadband from day one of moving into their new home.

Our connectivity will provide residents with the ultrafast and reliable broadband services which have never been so important to the way we live our daily lives. It is essential that all new homes have access to the fastest speeds available and we will continue to work with developers across the UK to ensure more homes are connected to such vital services.

Rob Evans, MD of Network Expansion at Virgin Media

This is a great example of developer best practice. A full fibre connection digitally future-proofs the property. The experience is seamless, which means you don’t even need to think about your connectivity, whether you are homeworking, virtual learning or streaming. It just sits as the heart of the connected home.

As a growing alternative network provider, we are pleased to be part of this ‘trio’ of infrastructure options offered by Barratt. We are committed to differentiating ourselves by ensuring our router equipment is pre-installed and ready for when the home-mover walks through the door – so they can start living their normal connected life straight away. We are also proud to underpin our industry-leading customer support, which is demonstrated by our 5* Trustpilot rating and leading NPS score.

Liam McAvoy, Senior Director of Business Development, Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic has been installing its routers in new build homes for a long time and this makes getting online extremely simple, in the case of Openreach we would expect the FTTP ONT to be present needing a new resident to pick which retailer to order from and receive the ISP router. For Virgin Media the FTTP will end on the outside of the property usually and its a case of ordering and connecting the router to the pre-installed coax socket.

One interesting aspect will be the location of the various networks end points in the home, if in a utility cupboard e.g. under the stairs this is probably not ideal for Wi-Fi coverage so hopefully there will be pre-installed and tested Ethernet cabling to at least one room on each floor.

A bit of small print, due to the location of a very small number of developments there may be some locations where not all three networks are available, but it is expected that there will always be two networks.

For those actively house hunting today, this announcement is about future developements, so if buying a house this week you need to check with the sales person exactly what is available. If the sales person states that just BT FTTP is available they actually mean Openreach FTTP is available which means there is a choice of retailers.


While this news is to be welcomed, i think it does need to taken with a bucket load of salt. Barret is just one developer, there are hundreds of them in the UK. This is also something that Barret are doing without being forced to.
I have said in the past on here, ALL new developments should be forced to provide FTTP as a standard requirement of any planning permissions granted for new builds.

  • kitfit1
  • 3 days ago

This is excellent news, though I agree with Kitfit1, the laws need to change to force this for all new development's.

While the UK Government is happy printing billions of £'s into existence, why not print a few more billion for the following:

1. Any new building, no matter how many in the development, require FTTP
2. All new buildings require a solar roof

  • Dave2150
  • 1 day ago

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